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  • What is inflammation ?
  • Mechanism

    Inflammation is a reaction of local tissue after a skin damage: redness, heat, pain, swelling…

    The response can be provoked by physical, chemical and biologic agents, including mechanical trauma, sunburn, extremes of heat and cold or by infectious agents.


    Affected areas

    As many pathologies can cause inflammation, affected areas are numerous: face, body, scaly scalp, ect.

  • Symptoms

    There are 4 main symptoms of inflammation:
    • Redness
    • Heat
    • Swelling (oedema)
    • Pain


    Lots of dermatologic pathologies are accompanied by inflammation:
    • Eczema
    • Urticaria
    • Intertrigo

    Other causes are also possible as:

    • Burn / Sunburn
    • Shaving / Hair removal
    • Insect bites

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